Discovery Fees

Course Fees

Sessions Fees
Morning Session
• Language Discovery
• STEM Discovery
• Arts Discovery
Afternoon Session
• Arts Discovery
• Chinese Language Discovery
• Heritage Explorers‡
• STEM Discovery
• Electric Elevator†
• Smart Fitness Station†
• 2WD Car† Automated
• Tea Brewery†
Discovery Adventures
• Active Adventures (ages 4-10)
• Adventure Sports (ages 11-16)‡
Full-Day Session
Intensive English Course
• Bold Pioneers
• Course: 9:00am – 4:00pm
• Lunch: 12:00 – 1:00pm
4 Weeks
Lunch is available to students who register for both morning & afternoon sessions (full-day).
Bus Transportation**
Bus Transportation charges will be advised upon confirmation of transport arrangement.

* Prices shown above are not inclusive of 7% GST.
** Bus Transportation charges will be advised upon confirmation of transport arrangements.
† The Electric Elevator, Smart Fitness Station, 2WD Car and Automated Tea Brewery course requires an additional S$130 purchase of circuit boards and materials to build prototypes of the respective topics. All of these devices will become the student’s property, and can be taken home at the conclusion of the respective course.
‡ Adventure Sports and Heritage Explorer fees are higher to accommodate excursion and facility costs.

Course fees include the use of materials and equipment required for the courses.

Course Confirmation
Courses are confirmed when a minimum of 5 students have enrolled. In the event that a chosen course is cancelled, we will provide alternative choices to adjust your enrolment. We will do our best to accommodate all preferred course choices.

Due to the technical resources required, the following four STEM courses will be confirmed when a minimum of 10 students have enrolled: (1) Electric Elevator; (2) Smart Fitness Station; (3) 2WD Car; and (4) Automated Tea Brewery.

OFFER: Waiver of Enrolment Fee
We are excited to offer a waiver of 50% off the Enrolment Fee (S$3,600) for any student who applies to the normal Academic Year after having attended Summer School 2018. You may take advantage of this waiver if you enrol your child in the normal Academic Year (August 2018 to June 2019) as a result of their Summer School experience.